Delivery to North & West Vancouver, Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Richmond


We bring colour and creativity to offices & homes all over Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver & Vancouver.

We supply fresh and beautiful flowers & plants to offices, retail shops, hotels, restaurants, clinics and homes.

A well designed floral supply will impress both staff and visitors alike creating a stimulating place to meet, work and relax.

Conveniently choose the best package for your business!




Starting at $49.99 weekley

In our weekly signature package, you receive a custom made hand tied bouquet in a vase

In our best colours and style. Our signature bouquet is approximately 10” x 10”.

Flowers are hand delivered to you.


Monthly payment starting from $149.99

You will receive a large well designed orchid plant beautifully arranged in a vase twice a mouth. You have the option of choosing the Colour of you orchid. Flowers will be hand delivered to you




Starting from $250 Services:

-   Decorating your hotel lobby & reception area

-Designing your indoor and outdoor plants

-Maintaining the outdoor and indoor plants

-Holiday decoration 


  • Holiday decoration (rent or purchase)

  • Custom flowers for different areas

  • Event flowers, centerpieces, conference room, banquets, etc

  • Flower Wall with paper flower