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----------ABOUT ME----------




Why did I become a florist? 

Here is my story---------------

As a child I always wanted to become an "artist"  when I grew up..... at the time I was taking some piano and oil and canvas painting classes.  My love for art as a profession did not go well with my parents, especially my dad who wanted me to join him in his business and eventually take over...... Well that was the opposite of what I had in mind, but as a young girl back then, I didn't have much of a choice. I had to do what I was told and go to university and study the business of Insurance!   

I received Bachelor of arts in Insurance management and 12 years later I received my Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance. I worked for many large insurance companies for years.  I remember the day I received my "CIP" clearly. I was in the car when I found out I passed the final course..... as excited as I was , something told me that my duty to my parents was over and now I was free to pursue what I always wanted to do. 

I started taking event planning at BCIT, as well as floral arranging classes at Maureen Sullivan Floral Design School (Best School Ever). 

When I felt it was time!  I sat down and put all my qualities on a piece of paper: 

  • Natural artistic vision
  • Painting: Good knowledge of colours, oil on canvas, acrylic and mixed media, Encaustic 
  • Flowers & event planning: Certificates from reputable organizations and 5 years of actual weddings and events work.
  • Degree: BA in Insurance business
  • Entrepreneurship: Naturally inherited from my dad
  • Photography: Took some classes and a lot of youtube training
  • Photoshop and Lightroom: I've been obsessed with, since I was 18 years old
  • Customer service: I love people and I often hear, I'm very friendly and helpful and a natural troubleshooter.

      My husband looked at my paper and encouraged me to start my own business. He helped me find a flower shop that was for sale... after only a month I purchased my first flower shop in Lougheed mall Burnaby "Amazing Florals" and only after a few years, I set up Petalino Flower Bar and Events in North Vancouver. 

    Recently I've joint partnered in a 3rd business  "The Bridal Bar" with Samantha Rose Weddings.

    I've published 3 books: "Tribute flowers by Petalino" exclusively for the funeral industry.

    As my goal is to encourage young people to go after their dream, I've started running workshops teaching floral classes. 

    .....All and all I feel you should follow your dreams, never give up and just move forward. I know it sound cliche but it's true!!....