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The Grump Tree , Grinch Tree or Bobby Brown tree is actually a lemon cypress tree, native to California, and when planted outdoors it can grow upward of 15 to even 30 feet, depending on the variety.
We offer two style of grinch trees. Once created by Cedar leaves manually set in a vase in the shape of a miniature tree. This gives the look a very clean and modern feel.
The other style is with Cypress tree which is wired with bullion wires and decorated with ornaments and pine cones.
How to take care of  a grinch tree ?
This design is made of cuttings from  Cypress tree and just like your fresh cut Christmas tree, it's a one time use and you'll need to dispose of the remains after it dies off.
But, if you keep water in the container, this little tree can last you a good four weeks or more!

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