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What wedding flowers do I need?

Bride and Bridal Party Bouquets:

Bride Bouquet: The bride typically carries a bouquet, which is a focal point of her floral arrangements. The wedding bouquet often complements her dress and the overall theme of the wedding.
Bride's Toss Bouquet: A toss bouquet is a smaller bouquet of flowers used by the bride specifically for the bouquet toss tradition during the wedding reception, where single female guests try to catch it, symbolizing that they will be the next to get married.
Bridesmaids Bouquets: Each bridesmaid usually carries a smaller bouquet or a floral arrangement that complements the bride's bouquet.
Do bridesmaid have to order smaller version of bride's bouquet or they can have something completely diffrent?
The trend of having bridesmaids carry different bouquets than the bride has gained popularity in recent years. This allows the bride's bouquet to shin

Groom and Groomsmen:

Groom: The groom typically wears a boutonniere, a small flower arrangement that is pinned to his lapel
Groomsmen: Like the groom, the groomsmen also wear boutonnieres.
Officiant:The officiant or celebrant may also receive a boutonniere or a small bouquet as a gesture of appreciation.

Parents and Grandparents:

Parents: Both the mothers of the bride and groom often receive corsages, which are small floral arrangements worn on the wrist or pinned to their attire. Fathers may also wear boutonnieres.
Grandparents: Some couples choose to provide flowers for their grandparents as well.
Flower girl with basket of flower petal in a white dress

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers:

Flower Girls: They may carry small baskets of flowers or petals to scatter along the aisle.

Ring Bearers: Sometimes, ring bearers wear or carry a small floral arrangement.




Guest table table floral arrangement

Guest table florals refer to the floral arrangements or centerpieces placed on the tables where guests will be seated at an event or celebration, such as a wedding or banquet. These arrangements often serve as decorative focal points, adding beauty and ambiance to the overall table setting. Guest table florals can vary in size, style, and composition, and they play a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the event's decor.

Do wedding florists provide vases?

  1. Some wedding florists include the cost of vases as part of their overall floral package. This means that the florist not only provides the floral arrangements but also supplies the vases or containers for the centerpieces and other floral displays.

  2. Rental Option: In some cases, florists may offer vase rentals as an additional service. Couples can choose from a selection of vases provided by the florist, and the cost of the rental is factored into the overall floral arrangement pricing.

  3. Bring Your Own Vases: Alternatively, couples may have the option to provide their own vases. In this case, the florist focuses on creating the floral arrangements and incorporates them into the vases provided by the couple or the event venue.
  4. Deposits or Additional Fees: Some florists might require a deposit for the vases, especially if they are providing rental services. Additionally, there may be fees or replacement charges for any vases that are damaged or not returned.

Aisle Markers:

Floral arrangements or petals along the aisle.


Wedding Ceremony Arch Flowers:

Floral arrangements adorning a decorative arch, serving as a focal point during the ceremony and enhancing the overall aesthetic with colour, texture, and natural beauty.


Pew Markers:

Pew markers are decorative floral arrangements or embellishments placed on the sides of the pews or chairs in a ceremony space, enhancing the overall ambiance and aesthetic of the wedding venue.


Wedding Ceremony Pedestal Arrangement:

A wedding ceremony pedestal arrangement refers to a decorative floral display that is elevated on a pedestal or stand, typically placed at the beginning of altar or ceremonial area during a wedding,



Head Table or Sweetheart Table Decor:

Special floral arrangements for the head table where the bridal party sits.



Cake Flowers:

Small floral accents for the wedding cake

Signage Flowers:

Floral decorations incorporated into event signage, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance to informational displays or directional elements.


Additional Decor Elements:

Consider any other areas where you'd like to incorporate florals, such as entrance decorations, bar arrangements, or restroom decor.

It's crucial for couples to discuss the details of vase provision with their chosen florist during the planning stages. This ensures clarity on whether vases are included, if there are additional charges, and what options are available

It's important to note that the distribution of flowers can vary based on cultural and personal preferences. Couples can choose to customize their floral arrangements to suit their unique vision for the wedding. Additionally, some weddings may involve other roles or traditions that incorporate flowers in different ways.  

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