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The living urn - Outdoor

The outdoor living urn by Petalino flower bar & events
The outdoor living urn by Petalino flower bar & events

The Living Urn for People and The Living Urn for Pets Bio Urn and planting systems are simple and easy to use and make the experience of growing a beautiful and vibrant memory tree, plant or flowers from the cremated remains of your loved one an enjoyable experience for you and your family.

Generally, a funeral home or cremation service provider will present you with the cremated remains in a container that they provide. You can keep the cremated remains in this container and transfer them into the Living Urn when you get home or when you're ready to plant. Alternatively, you can provide The Living Urn to your cremation service provider or veterinarian and request that they place the cremated remains in your Living Urn.

After your Living Urn is filled with the cremated remains, or ashes, you can place it back in the bamboo shell container for storage while you wait for your seedling. Be careful to keep your Living Urn upright and stored in a dry place where it cannot be tipped over or disturbed.

The living urn - Outdoor

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