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Halloween is an internationally celebrated day here in Canada and pretty much through the whole world.  October 31st became known as a night where the boundaries between the living and the dead and the Celts used to light pumpkins to ward off spirits. The Romans on the other hand saw it as the holiday where peace had to be given to the departed by putting flowers and wreaths on graves.

Flowers are not given traditionally at Halloween but they are often used as decoration.
The most popular ones include black roses for parties and so on. However, many people have baskets made up in the theme colours of Halloween such as black and orange. Today you can buy baskets of different colour flowers such as sunflowers and roses. 

At Petalino Flower Bar, our florists have a special touch to the traditional halloween decor. We paint our pumpkins, use different items collected from nature such as branches, greenery and etc to make our special modern look.  We also have gift baskets for people who would like to create a modern halloween at their house with pumpkin pillows and spice scented candles.

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