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7 things to consider when choosing your wedding florist


1. Knowledge of flowers 
Do they know what flowers are available on your wedding date? Are they able to find alternative similar looking flowers? What textures and colours look well together.

2. Access to different floral wholesaler
Florists need to have a large list of floral wholesaler. This is important, in case of unexpected situations like flowers not arriving in time or unsatisfactory quality. Florist needs to be able to find an alternative option if disaster happens!

3. The mechanic of putting the flowers together 
Nothing is worse than floral arrangements start falling apart before event picture are taken. 
Knowing how to put them together, what tools to use and how to secure the the flowers is what makes a florist a pro.   Look at their profile and read all the reviews before you pick your florist.Do they use any specific products to help stretching the life of flowers.This is important specially when the wedding is in summer and weather is hot. Flowers tend to wilt a lot faster. You need to make sure your florist place the flowers in plenty of food and water and also using special products after to seal the stems so they don't suck bacteria and air in.

4. The ability to stay within your budget 
Are they able to create your vision and stay within your budget without fussing about it.

5. Do they provide you with a floral presentation? 
Yes this is not just something the event planner should do. Your florist also needs to provide you with a presentation full of pictures and all of your request about what you like and don't like. Plus they need to provide you with a list of flowers they will be using and pricing. 


6. Contract 
Make sure you review the florists contract thoroughly on deposits, cancellation and etc

7. Florist should be able to offer at least the first consultation for free 
For wedding arrangements we highly recommend that you setup a meeting with us. Consultations are done at no extra charge and will help you to decide on what flowers and arrangements best fit who you are and your budget. Not sure where to begin? Feel free to call us or e-mail us any questions to get started.
We can calculate how much you should budget for your wedding flowers
Just answer a few simple questions by following the link and we will send you a rough idea on how much you should budget for your wedding flowers

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